IT Support

Record Keeping

Keeping good records is a very important part of IT Support. Your customers expect it and you need it. Field Service Trakker helps you keep clean records of the work done on each customer’s computer, shares it with the customer on the invoice, and stores it for your IT Staff’s future reference both at the office as well as in the field.

The data is stored not just customer by customer, but also if the customer has multiple location, each location’s computer equipment is kept separate, but details are kept at the level of each piece of computer equipment.

Look Professional

As a professional IT shop your customers expect you to use laptops, tablets and handheld devices like Android Phones or Windows Mobile devices to see your schedule and invoice them. That is exactly what Field Service Trakker does. It helps keep that professional appearance.

If your not using technology to:

  • Track work history
  • Track inventory
  • Instantly and automatically email invoices to your customers
  • Keep and update your tech’s work schedule

Your customers may wonder if your company really knows how to work on their computers.

Save Time and Money

Just like all businesses, it is important to find time and cost saving tools.  As you’ve seen in our videos, Field Service Trakker helps:

  • Reduce time it takes to schedule appointments
  • Reduce technicians travel time
  • Recommends maintenance visits near where your techs are already scheduled
  • Automatically sends the completed invoices to the customer for payment saving postage and time.  Not to mention that the faster the customer gets the bill the faster they can pay it

Proper Pricing

Another area where Field Service Trakker helps save your company money is through the pricing modules.  The field devices the techs use (Laptops, Tablets, Android Phones, Windows Mobile…) are all kept up to date with the latest:

  • Default pricing
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Customer specific volume discount pricing
  • Customer group pricing

Keep Inventory

Know what you have on hand, where it is and what you need to order.  Field Service Trakker can:

  • Track Inventory on each truck
  • Track warehouse inventory
  • Knows when you are getting low and should re-order

Labor Tracking

That’s right.  Field Service Trakker not only invoices and tracks inventory as it is used, but it can also be used to invoice for all the labor used.

In addition, it has time clocks built in to keep track of how long a tech was actually on a job from arrival to the time they finished the invoice.  It can even clock travel time.


Sound like what your company needs?  Contact us today or better yet sign up today.